What Is C8 Triglyceride MCT Oil?

The rise of low-carbohydrate and ketogenic diets has sparked consumer interest in medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil over recent years. More specifically, C8 MCT oil is a great supplement that supports your consumers’ weight management and helps them power through their day. Let’s take a look at what C8 MCT oil is and how Kraft Chemical can help you formulate it into your own products.

What Is C8 MCT Oil?

C8 MCT oil is made entirely of caprylic acid triglycerides harvested from the most ketogenic part of a coconut. This MCT is energizing, easy to digest, and turns into ketones within minutes. C8 MCT oil is used in all sorts of cooking methods and is most commonly ingested as a powder or liquid. It is also sold in capsule form.

C8 MCT Oil vs. Standard MCT Oil

Unlike other MCTs such as C6, C10, and C12, C8 MCT oil is solely composed of caprylic acid triglycerides, making it a more concentrated source of ketones. When compared to regular coconut oil, C8 MCT oil offers a more immediate and sustained energy boost. Why? Well, C8 MCT oil can cross the mitochondrial membrane without carnitine-dependent transport. 

This just means it can metabolize faster than its other MCT counterparts. In fact, studies have shown C8 MCT oil to be three times more ketogenic than other MCTs.

The Health Benefits of C8 MCT Oil


Some key health benefits of C8 MCT oil include:

1. Improved Brain Health 

C8 MCT oil plays a role in promoting better brain health. Pure C8 MCT oil is packed with plenty of antimicrobial properties that help keep harmful bacteria at bay while boosting mental clarity and memory. This leads to improved focus, concentration, and overall cognitive function.

2. Weight Management

Medium-chain triglycerides are healthy fats. These healthy fats help you stay satiated long after a meal, meaning your consumer will feel fuller for longer. This contributes to reduced calorie intake, making it an ideal aid for weight management and weight loss.

3. Sustained Energy

Most energy sources provide a quick boost followed by an even quicker crash. Unlike most sources, C8 MCT oil offers a rapid and sustained energy boost—without the crash. Those with active lifestyles can benefit from this energy-boosting advantage as it helps improve endurance levels during physical activities.

4. Metabolism Boost

Unlike carbs and sugar, ketones can’t be stored as fat. C8 MCT oil gives your metabolic rate a kickstart, which in turn helps support increased fat burning. This makes C8 MCT oil a smart dietary addition for those looking to optimize their metabolism.

C8 MCT Oil

C8 MCT Oil

5. Cardiovascular Health

A notable benefit of C8 MCT oil is its contribution to cardiovascular health. C8 MCT oil has been shown to support healthy cholesterol metabolism, which may improve heart health.

6. Gastrointestinal Health

Like other MCT oils, C8 MCT oil promotes the growth of healthy gut bacteria. This bacteria is what strengthens the intestinal barrier, resulting in improved overall gut health.

7. Immune Health

Along with improved gut health, C8 MCT oil has also been linked to overall immune health and support thanks to its antimicrobial nature, ensuring your metabolism is functioning as it should.

8. Insulin Regulation

MCTs have been linked to supporting diabetes prevention and treatment. Thanks to their insulin-regulating properties, C8 MCT oil can help treat Type 2 diabetes, and may even prevent it. This MCT is especially ideal for those considered pre-diabetic.

How Can You Use C8 MCT Oil?

Manufacturers of skin care, hair care, and beauty products often choose medium-chain triglycerides thanks to their lightweight, non-greasy nature. Among the many other amazing benefits MCT oil has to offer, it’s no question that this MCT has made a statement in industries like cosmetics, personal care, and food and beverage.

C8 MCT oil is commonly used in:

✔ Creams and Lotions
✔ Bath and Body Oils
✔ Makeup
✔ Natural Perfumes 
✔ Shampoos and Cleansers
✔ Nutritional Products

Get Your MCTs & Other Supplement Ingredients From Kraft Chemical

As a manufacturer, it’s important to have a dependable wholesale supplier—especially as the popularity of MCTS continues to rise. Incorporating C8 MCT oil into your products opens up a world of health benefits for conscious consumers. For over 85 years, we’ve set the industry standard.

Whether you’re formulating a new skincare line or shampoo, Kraft Chemical is here to help. Talk to one of our specialists about how you can craft a product that stands out. Get in touch with our team today.

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