Titanium Dioxide


Kraft Enamel Titanium Dioxide 99 percent Anatase

Kraft manufactures a series of titanium dioxide products, which is widely used in glass frit, enamel frit, porcelain enamel, and ceramic color for its features of stable brightness and high purity, etc. It also produces high purity titanium dioxide in special grades which can be used in other industries such as the production of glass ceramics, reflective material for glass beads, welding rot, potassium titanate, fluoride, etc.. The products possess excellent and stable performance that exceeds ASTM&Reagent grade. Average the particle size is 5 ɥm. It is also water and oil dispersible.


Our product standard SPECS as follows:

Kraft  Enamel Titanium Dioxide 99:

On average the particle size is 5 ɥm.

Our product standard SPECS as follows:

TiO2         98.5% Min.

Fe2O3       0.05% Max.

S             0.05% Max.

Moisture     0.5% Max.

Whiteness     85

Nb2O5       0.1% Max.

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