Kraft Mioxe SG (Micaceous Iron Oxide)


Kraft Mioxe SG (Micaceous Iron Oxide (MIO) – pigmented undercoats and finishes applied over suitable primers have been used extensively for over a century in Europe and many other parts of the world to provide long-term corrosion prevention for structural steelwork. Structures protected today with MIO paint systems include bridges, electric transmission towers, radio masts, railway gantries, cranes, building frameworks, gas holders, fuel tanks, chemical plants, storage tanks, pipework, harbor facilities and offshore platforms.

The protective properties of MIO derive from its flake-like particle structure and chemical inertness. For optimum performance, the particle size range and flake thickness are critical. The effectiveness of MIO pigments in providing maximum durability has been established by several authorities and has been well documented.

Also available: Kraft Mioxe 45 Micron


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