7 Benefits of Lanolin Oil for Your Skincare Routine

You’ve heard of lanolin, but do you know what it does or where it comes from? If not, you’ve come to the right place. From skincare to beauty products, lanolin has secured its place in the cosmetic industry. We’re here to pull the wool away from your eyes and explain the benefits of lanolin oil. Let’s get started.

What Is Lanolin Oil?

Lanolin is a highly moisturizing oil derived from sheep’s wool. This oil occurs naturally in sheep, conditioning their wool and protecting them from Mother Nature’s elements. These conditioning properties are also great for humans, which is why it’s widely used in skincare and cosmetic products.

What Is Lanolin Oil Good For?

Moisture, moisture, and more moisture. Our skin is exposed to all sorts of harsh elements. From sun exposure to dry climates, our skin experiences a lot of damage that leads to dryness and premature aging.

Lanolin oil is a powerful moisturizer that can deeply penetrate the skin, helping to lock in moisture for skin that looks plump and youthful. 

What Are the Benefits of Lanolin Oil?

Now that you know what lanolin oil is, let’s take a look at the five major benefits that come along with every lanolin-formulated product.

1. Provides Intense Moisturizing

Lanolin is an exceptional moisturizer that, when combined with humectants like honey or glycerin, will deeply penetrate dehydrated skin. Lanolin cream protects humectants from evaporating, which means your skin will stay protected while it soaks up the benefits.

2. Minimizes Fine Lines & Wrinkles 

Even though lanolin oil itself is not an anti-aging agent, it has similar qualities. Lanolin oil helps retain the weight of water, which helps your skin stay plump, supple, and youthful. If you’re formulating lanolin for skin lightening or a product designed to minimize fine lines and wrinkles, lanolin oil should be one of the dominant ingredients.

3. Helps Soothes Dry or Chapped Skin

Lanolin oil is widely used in lip balms. Unlike other moisturizing ingredients, lanolin oil can be applied directly to the lips, making it a choice ingredient for lip balms and scrubs. Plus, lanolin cream benefits cracked skin or sore nipples in nursing moms.

4. Helps Condition Your Hair

Thanks to lanolin’s hydrating properties, this wool oil does wonders on dry and frizzy hair. Use lanolin oil in conjunction with a clarifying shampoo or conditioner to get the most out of this natural conditioner. It’s important to note that lanolin oil should be used in moderation and only on porous hair.

5. It’s Beneficial for the Sheep

Don’t worry, extracting lanolin from the sheep is safe and humane. In fact, shearing the sheep for lanolin oil helps the sheep combat parasites and diseases. That’s a win-win for you and the sheep.

Are There Any Disadvantages of Lanolin?

While lanolin oil is generally safe, there are some side effects to be aware of:

Lanolin Hypersensitivity Reaction

According to dermatologists, the rate of a lanolin hypersensitivity reaction in the general population is less than 0.5%. However, there’s still a small percentage of people who could wind up with an allergic reaction to lanolin oil. A lanolin hypersensitivity reaction can exhibit symptoms like rashes, hives, breathing difficulties, and swelling.

Clogs Pores of Oily Skin

Lanolin tends to be comedogenic due to its greasy nature. If someone with oily skin uses lanolin, their dermal layer won’t be able to breathe, thus clogging pores and contributing to acne breakouts. We highly advise against lanolin use on oily skin.

Risk of Skin Infections 

The last possible side effect is a rare skin infection. If your skin starts to sting, burn, or feel soggy and irritated, stop using lanolin products.

Choose Kraft Chemical for Your Next Lanolin Project

When it comes to selecting high-quality lanolin oil for your skincare or cosmetic product, Kraft Chemical is a trusted supplier. We offer premium-grade lanolin that adheres to quality standards, ensuring its effectiveness in your next oil, cream, balm, or conditioner. Talk to a specialist about your next lanolin project today.


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