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What Is Sodium Nitrite (NaNO2)?

Choose Kraft Chemical—Your #1 Sodium Nitrite Supplier Sodium nitrite is a commonly used ingredient in many industrial processes. due to its versatility, sodium nitrite is used in creating dyes/pigments, rubber/plastic, heat transfer salts, deodorizing products, etc. When sodium nitrite is food grade, it can also be used as a meat and fish preservative. These are only some of the benefits

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Using Citric Acid as a Preservative

What Is Citric Acid? Citric acid is an organic compound that has the chemical formula C6H8O7. It’s a naturally occurring compound that’s versatile and is generally considered safe for everyone according to the FDA. Citric acid can slow the growth of bacteria, yeast, mold, and fungus. It prevents products from spoiling, prolonging the shelf life of foods, beverages, and cosmetics.

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Types of Preservatives for Food and Cosmetics

Consumers are more conscious now than ever before about what’s in their food. They also expect their food to last long and taste great. As a manufacturer, it’s your job to make sure your consumers are satisfied and safe from foodborne illnesses. Continue reading to find out what types of preservatives you should be using in your products and how

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